General Discussion Anything that doesn't go into the other forums. Thu, 06 May 2021 09:12:58 +0000 Thu, 06 May 2021 09:12:58 +0000 XNXX Adult Forum We have the makings of a pandemic , Will it become one ? Thu, 06 May 2021 09:08:21 +0000 (slutwolf) slutwolf now it appears the new Coronavirus
has probably reached Aussie and the US.
(there are reports that has been confirmed)

If that's true , with people reaching virtually every corner of the occupied world within 24 hours , most places within 12 ,
there's a high chance it is already in other places.

So probably
the only question now is ;
How quickly can they develope a control ,
and then vaccine...

We have the makings of a pandemic , Will it become one ?]]>
How do I get into a large gangbang porn? Thu, 06 May 2021 09:05:33 +0000 (Maximus23) Maximus23
My question is: How can I be one of those dudes?

I’ve looked at talent agencies and they are all geared toward the star. I just want to be one of the faceless randos that gets to bang the hot lady.

This is my dream. Please, if anyone has insight, let me know.

IQ Thu, 06 May 2021 09:03:48 +0000 (SensuAliTease) SensuAliTease 30 GOOD MORNING 1 Thu, 06 May 2021 09:02:47 +0000 (ejls) ejls [​IMG]]]> 32460 Word(s) of the day Thu, 06 May 2021 08:36:06 +0000 (bigbird) bigbird
@aesopstails post of "FIRKYTOODLING - a victorian euphamism for a bit of kissing and cuddling, got me thinking about what other words might be useful to know

I'll go with: APOPHASIS - the raising of an issue by claiming to not to mention it

You're welcome]]>
Self esteem and self worth Thu, 06 May 2021 08:27:28 +0000 (bigbird) bigbird 1 Newbies Introduce Yourself Here [newcumers] Thu, 06 May 2021 08:05:46 +0000 (Sia.) Sia. Richief's Road Map to XNXX

This is the thread for Newcumers to introduce themselves.

Before you do anything, pleas have a look here to learn about this forum.

Go on and give us your best ..or worst .."hello". If you'd like ..tell us a bit about yourself and what you're hoping to find/thinking you'll enjoy at XNXX.

And ..if you have...

Newbies Introduce Yourself Here [newcumers]]]>
When during this Lockdown did you pass it forward? Thu, 06 May 2021 07:44:37 +0000 (Vanii_uwu) Vanii_uwu During the lockdown many people had to slow down on their out-of-home activities, so there hasn't been as much human interaction which makes a situation where passing it forward less likely! but also passing it forward means a lot to people during times like these, so I'm wondering, when was your pass-it-forward moment during this Lockdown?]]> 7 Have a laugh... Post those funny memes here! Thu, 06 May 2021 06:45:23 +0000 (anon_de_plume) anon_de_plume View attachment

View attachment ]]>
Things That Just Piss Me Off Thu, 06 May 2021 06:30:10 +0000 (Tac65) Tac65
A business with double doors and one of them is locked.

Some one driving with a dog on their lap. get the Idea.]]>
NWI INDIANA WOMAN Thu, 06 May 2021 06:24:00 +0000 (Whatever _______;)) Whatever _______;) 1 Current status Thu, 06 May 2021 06:13:31 +0000 (submissively speaking) submissively speaking
What’s up with you?]]>
Favorite Movie Quotes Thu, 06 May 2021 06:10:45 +0000 (latecomer91364) latecomer91364
Fuck it!

I love everything about movies, from the screenwriting to the film editing.

So let's try this again. I don't know if anybody else wants to join in, but... Yo! Of course, they don't all have to be heavy and philosophical -soon, I'm sure I will post stuff like 'I married Rambo'.

One of my favorite movie quotes is the last (narrated) line from Henry and June - credit Anais Nin -...

Favorite Movie Quotes]]>
No mask, no service Thu, 06 May 2021 04:55:28 +0000 (dirtyjedi) dirtyjedi If you have a Dr's exemption it's not a excuse to shop. Fucking stay indoors you ass wipe, you are at risk and putting others at risk.
Ffs how are people not getting it yet?]]>
Military review. Thu, 06 May 2021 04:40:10 +0000 (Ficxa 479) Ficxa 479]]> 211 Jersey city Thu, 06 May 2021 04:28:20 +0000 (Ninav) Ninav ]]> 7 Who do you look like? Thu, 06 May 2021 04:22:50 +0000 (vincenzz) vincenzz
What celebrity or movie-star
(past or present)
would you say you most resemble? If you want to say a combination of 2 people, that will work.]]>
Can you run? Thu, 06 May 2021 04:18:49 +0000 (shy guy) shy guy
Can you run?]]>
Ignore is stupid Thu, 06 May 2021 04:14:34 +0000 (dirtyjedi) dirtyjedi Whats the point of clicking it,if the ignored user can still see all your posts and you cant see the replies?
It defeats the whole point of ignoring people if they can say what they please and only you cant see it.
Some use it as a rapier, "Haha i have you on ignore"... But then make comments about you because they have no real justification for a argument.
I say grow a spine and talk it out.
Oh and the show ignored button at the foot of the...

Ignore is stupid]]>
Greatest villain Thu, 06 May 2021 04:13:40 +0000 (dirtyjedi) dirtyjedi 14 How was your day? Thu, 06 May 2021 04:12:17 +0000 (Cherrypop) Cherrypop ]]> 1703 What's for dinner? Thu, 06 May 2021 04:02:13 +0000 (submissively speaking) submissively speaking
What about you? Whatcha cookin'?]]>
Random thoughts thread Thu, 06 May 2021 03:52:20 +0000 (WickedGame) WickedGame 30572 What are you watching? Thu, 06 May 2021 03:04:18 +0000 (christina2706) christina2706
What are you watching?]]>
Tell Me Something Interesting Thu, 06 May 2021 02:29:12 +0000 (Sia.) Sia.
I've had a lot of luck posing this question lately.

So far I've got:

@Arquebus with ..pirates wore eyepatches so that they'd always have one eye adjusted to darkness. This way ..when they went below deck ..they could switch the eyepatch to the other eye to see more clearly.

And ..the human eye can see more shades of green...

Tell Me Something Interesting]]>
"Who's a G'boy? Who's a G'boy?" Thu, 06 May 2021 02:14:46 +0000 (latecomer91364) latecomer91364
He's 'MAN'S BEST FRIEND', people! (Even though my best animal friends in the last 30 years have been cats...)

Dogs are awesome!


Dogs are silly!...

"Who's a G'boy? Who's a G'boy?"]]>
Gift Thu, 06 May 2021 02:07:48 +0000 (senior dick) senior dick
What gift did you love receiving this year?:)

Name one thing that made you smile today? Thu, 06 May 2021 01:59:46 +0000 (devour my pussy) devour my pussy 7906 Favorite GIFs of Any Kind Thu, 06 May 2021 01:42:02 +0000 (latecomer91364) latecomer91364
It could be your favorite Gif today - dogs, cats, whatever.

This nay be be my favorite GIF ever - it just says so much:

What is the funniest sex cartoon you ever saw. Thu, 06 May 2021 01:19:55 +0000 (Dr Rufs) Dr Rufs
this is probably only funny to heterosexual men.]]>
Dishonesty, Deceitful, Liars? Thu, 06 May 2021 00:49:02 +0000 (ask4me) ask4me
Dishonesty, Deceitful, Liars?]]>
Here Kitty Kitty! Thu, 06 May 2021 00:42:26 +0000 (AZRIEL) AZRIEL View attachment ​]]> 1705 What is your go to song to start the mood ? Thu, 06 May 2021 00:25:48 +0000 (Badsnicks81) Badsnicks81 36 What is happening to ASSTR? Wed, 05 May 2021 22:12:18 +0000 (achimvw) achimvw
The DNS name does not exist.

GF has drinking problem, I need advice. Wed, 05 May 2021 21:47:29 +0000 (Freman06) Freman06
My gf (22) has what I'll say I drinking problem, she doesn't drink often but when she does it tend to get out of control. Her dad has drinking problem which caused a lot family issue and eventually her mom divorced him because of that. Since she was a teen she's had the fear that she might end up...

GF has drinking problem, I need advice.]]>
Tell Us Your Best pranks Wed, 05 May 2021 21:35:39 +0000 (deegenerate) deegenerate

When I was 18, I had a supervisor that was really funny but kind of oblivious to things going on around her at times, so I put a pile of rubber dog poop on her chair one time, expecting her to either shriek or scream when she saw it. My co-workers and I were all giggling in anticipation to see what she would do,...

Tell Us Your Best pranks]]>
Daydreamers... Wed, 05 May 2021 21:32:39 +0000 (heads-up) heads-up
How in the hell do people daydream. You see them in their own little space, a look of calm comfort, oblivious to all that surrounds them. If you break them from their trance they have a look of guilty pleasure, like they have the key to a place that you never will be.

My question for you daydreamers, how in this contentious, fucked up world do you find the ability to drift...

Not A Hit In The Bunch Wed, 05 May 2021 20:06:54 +0000 (umpire2) umpire2 388 ❤️ I love .... ❤️ Wed, 05 May 2021 19:47:14 +0000 (submissively speaking) submissively speaking


I love that shiver and goosebumps that happens all over my body when I slip into the hot tub.
I love a warm bed and a cool room.
I love my family, adopted and genetic.

Who/what/where do you love?]]>
A Road Map to XNXX Wed, 05 May 2021 19:00:26 +0000 (StanleyOG) StanleyOG A Road Map to XNXX
created by Richief

Welcome and remember you can never escape.

General Discussion

This was designed as a place where we can rationally discuss all topics. In reality it is a place where we argue and fight like children in a school-yard, we will scream and spit,create alliances and break them with wild abandon. Occasionally socks run wild and appear to be taking over the board. There is nothing that we will not row over, except for spammers...

A Road Map to XNXX]]>