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  1. strywriter

    strywriter Sex Lover

    Feb 13, 2021
    Susan was downtown shopping and decided to go by Good Vibrations, a naughty store that sold various sex toys, sexy lingerie, oils, etc. Her friend, Sally, owned the store and she not only wanted to see the newest toys but also see Sally. Susan noticed that there was another store next door to good vibrations that looked like it sold sex toys also.

    Once everyone hugged and caught up the ladies were looking at vibrators and dildos and making the typical jokes about what they saw when Sally asked, “did you notice my new addition next door?”

    “Yes, what’s up with that?”

    “That my dear, is a money machine.” “I really don’t make all that much here for the amount of time and energy it takes.” “It’s fun, and I enjoy it, especially trying out new toys she laughed, but it isn’t really all that profitable.” “But my little video store next door is a gold mine!”

    “Really?” “I didn’t think people rented videos that much anymore.”

    “They do sex videos but that’s not the profit in the store.” “I sell porn videos but in the back are booths where people can go to supposedly check out a video before buying one but what those booths really are is a place to have sex.”

    “What?” “People are having sex in your store?”

    “Yep, almost every night and often during the day!” “We’re closed Sunday and Monday but the rest of the week they are lined up waiting to get a BJ or hand job to actually fuck someone or to be fucked by someone!” Want to see?


    Sally took me into the back and into her office where video camera displays were lined up. As I watched I saw a familiar face from the neighborhood. There was Justin. He was a young man around 22 or 23 who had recently moved in with his father. “Holy shit, there is Justin!”

    “You know the young guy?”

    “Yeah, he moved in a few doors down and I have been in lust ever since.”

    “Sally laughed, yeah that happens to me once or twice a week looking at these guys looking to get a BJ.”

    “Hey, you want to slake your lust?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I have a special booth where you can be the one offering the BJ hand job or go all the way if you want!”

    “What, really?”

    “Yes, come on I’ll show you.” “She led the way back down the hall and then unlocked a door and they stepped into a booth with a video machine and several holes cut in the wall.” “They call these booths glory holes and you can stick your dick in through the hole and the person on the other side can suck you off or whatever.” “Do you want to try?”

    “I was hesitant but Sally saw it in my eyes.” “You do, don’t you?

    I nodded my head yes, but didn’t speak.

    “Stay right here and I’ll see that Jason is directed to this booth.” She left and after a few minutes I saw Jason enter the room on the little monitor on the wall. God he is gorgeous, I thought to myself studying him from my voyeur perch. He looked to be a little over six foot with rusty brown hair that was simply combed back but which some fell over his forehead. Wide shoulders with large biceps and big hands. He looked around as though he wasn’t sure what to do and then he saw the sign on the wall with instructions. He inserted his tokens in the machine and after pausing for a minute or two while looking at the selections he punched in a video and it began to play.

    I heard the door behind me open and Sally slipped into the booth. She had a couple of hard lemonade’s and she opened two of them, smiling. Then she whispered “this is going to be fun; you’ll see!” She handed me my drink and we toasted quietly and then I took a big, long pull off of mine. Liquid courage is always helpful!

    She slid a little trap door open and stuck her hand though and then pulled it back. We waited, watching to see what he would do. He looked around and then unbuckled his jeans and dropped them to the floor.

    Whoa, he is running commando Sally whispered. “I love a man who is free-balling!” I was staring at his cock and I swear, my mouth actually began to water at the thought of sucking that magnificent looking cock.

    He was big, not oversized sort of big you see in porn, but big around and his balls were clean shaven and really large. “If I know anything about balls, and I do, Sally whispered in my ear, you are going to get a belly full of cum!” “Those beauties look like they could burst!”

    He moved up to the little hole in the wall and put his dick through and Sally was on it like a hungry fish on a dragon fly! Clearly, she had been doing this with some of her customers because she wasted no time with introductions or licking or anything. She just opened wide and sucked him into her mouth and then started working it like the pro she is! Once she had it good and hard, she deep throated him and then offer it to me.

    I looked at his magnificent cock and then lower my mouth to it and slowly sucked on his head! I heard him moan softly as I tongued the head of his cock until I was comfortable with taking more of it into my mouth and down just to the entrance to my throat! I exhaled a little and closed my eyes and relaxed my throat muscles. I heard him moan again only louder this time so I continued to work his cock in and out taking it deeper and deeper each time.

    “Sally said, here, put your balls through and I’ll lick them while she blows you!” He pulled out of my mouth and raised up on his tiptoes and inserted his balls through the opening and then I went back down on his cock! With Sally sucking and licking his balls and me deep throating him he had little chance to last long and he didn’t. I felt him tense and his cock twitch before I heard him moan loudly that he was about to cum and then bam! Cum was gushing from the head of his cock down my throat! All I could do was remain perfectly still as he pumped hot rope after hot rope of cum into my throat!

    Finally, the force of the shots lessened and I was able to once again breath and swallow some of the cum that had accumulated on my tongue. I clamped my lips down hard over his cock and pulled it out of my mouth thereby cleaning it of cum and leaving it shining with my saliva! I looked at Sally and she had a huge shit eating grin on her face and was nodding her head up and down and mouthing the words, “good huh?” I nodded yes and smiled and then she reached over and wiped a dap of cum from my lip and sucked into her mouth.

    I suddenly remembered our customer and looked back to see how he was doing but he was gone! Hmm, that was strange I thought, but Sally looked monitor and said, “nope, he is gone.”

    Wow, cum and go, I said laughing! I had never given a blow job and had the guy run off so fast!

    So, what did you think, “fun huh?” Sally asked.

    “Yeah, it was and he sure didn’t disappoint, isn’t he cute?”

    He is, but a little young for an old MILF like you, isn’t he?

    “Yes, of course he is, I am just fantasizing about him!” “But you should see his dad!” His dad is just as handsome and he is around our age and when he says hi and smiles at me my panties get wet.

    “Hmm, well maybe we can work something out the next time the kid comes in?” Sally mused.

    “Whatever do you mean,” I asked?

    “Look, we need help down here during the day for customers who come in.” “At night I have a bunch of gay guys and cum sluts that will blow cocks for free but during the day I need help!” “Becky and me can’t do it all, and I have the other store to run.” “What do you say, you want to help me, and maybe I can help you get his dad into bed?”

    “I don’t know, what would I be doing?”

    Sally laughed and said, “sucking cock, you dummy?” “Boy the roots go deep on you blondes!” I laughed because we always have the argument over blondes and brunets.

    “Ok, let me get this , you’re offering me a job sucking cock in exchange for what?”

    “No, I’m offering you a chance to buy in to my business where you will share in profits from both sides of the store and you’re get to suck cock.” “If you don’t like a particular cock, you don’t suck it, leave it to one of the armatures that come in and pay for the privilege of sucking a cock!” “I probably don’t service but one or two a day and some days none at all.” “Also, you don’t have to let them cum in your mouth, you can require a condom and/or tell them to tell you when they are close so you can finish them by hand otherwise you will bite their dick and Bubba, the big security guard will beat the shit out of them, and he will, he likes kicking ass!”

    “Ok, how much is this chance of a lifetime going to cost me?”

    Let’s go back to my office and we’ll find a number that works for you!


    To be continued if people want it to be
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    1. strywriter
      Ok, I just read this through slowly and found a lot of mistakes, but I don't know how to take it down and replaced it with the corrected copy. Anyone know how to do that
      strywriter, Feb 22, 2021
      Beavereator likes this.
  2. HotWetpussylover

    HotWetpussylover Porno Junky

    May 4, 2016
    Nope sorry I don't know how to do that.

    I will be looking for part two though. Very good story so far.thank you
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    1. strywriter
      Thank you!
      strywriter, Feb 22, 2021
    2. Dnesmit
      Enjoyed it!
      Dnesmit, Feb 25, 2021
  3. Cazmodius

    Cazmodius Sex Machine

    May 7, 2020
    Nicely written. Your descriptions were good, I could see the action as it transpired. My only qualm was not getting enough of the glory hole experience. Don't get me wrong, what you wrote was enjoyable Mrs. Strywriter, and it calls for me to look for the continuation of this story. But I want more. Longer explanations.

    Yes, a bj can be quick and dirty, but that doesn't mean you can't describe it further. What was she feeling during the sudden cocksucking experience? Was she getting turned on? I don't need a play by play of every stroke, but give me more of the mounting climax. She sucked, she deep throated, there was ball sucking too, and then he came, that's not a lot to get off too.

    I've never been to one of these before, but if I'm gonna read about it, I wanna know about what she thought. How much of his cock did she really take in. Did she stroke him too? And what was the other lady doing too? Did she really just sit back and watch? Or was she getting hot too, and start touching herself?

    There was a lot of build up and the pay off was good, but it could've been better. "The devil is in the details."
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  4. wildthing45

    wildthing45 Amateur

    Nov 19, 2010
    Damn , loved your story. Wish I was close to that store ..
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  5. BikerDanlovespussy

    BikerDanlovespussy Porn Surfer

    Jan 20, 2021
    I too used to love go to one of several Adult Bookstores in the Denver or Greeley Colorado areas and ld find the Gloryhole booth and go in & get my cock sucked till ld cum & I squirt alot of hot creamy white sperm when I get off 8 or 9 big hard spurts when t do cum & every one who sucked me said l had a beautiful cock and sweet sperm too l wish I could go to one right now? I'm horny now and Jackin it
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  6. Greendragon

    Greendragon Dragon Master

    Jan 15, 2007
    Very good overall keep writing waiting for part two.
  7. dio575

    dio575 Amateur

    Jul 21, 2018
    I love bei8 naked at glory holes being fucked n sucking cock in front of strangers
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